I Survived!

The first year of law school is done and gone, already stretching into the void that is the past and hopefully being devoured by the Langoliers as we speak.


Now there’s a dated reference for you.

All in all, though, I must say, it was never as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Was it hard? Hellz yes it was! But was it soul crushing to the point of being a neurotic wanker? I don’t think so. Unless I was already one before and there wasn’t anything to change.

cruella lightning

Probably not. Having worked for 2 years before going back to school is what really helped, I think. It makes deadlines a little less stressful and my work ethic a little stronger and yet I’m not going to kill myself to get the work done if I can’t. *shrug*

So what’s next? Well, this summer I’m going to Italy to take an international art law class!

fabulous HIM

I’m stoked! CU is great and all but it only offers one cultural property class, so I’m feeling a little bit of a pinch in “interest related” classes. So I jumped on this opportunity when I found it! While I probably won’t be doing a “travel blog,” since historically, I can keep up with that kind of thing for, like, a day and a half before forgetting to update, I will hopefully be able to do a couple of posts from Siena! I’ll try to include pictures and stuff.

hades glance

As for getting a job after that . . . . well, we’ll have to see what happens. For now, summer break is in full swing and I won’t be on the computer much. So even though I post every time hell freezes over (so it seems to me anyway), expect nothing from me other than e-cards until I’m across the pond!


Still Here!

Oops! Fell off the Internet there for a while. I thought I had E-Card Wednesdays lined up for the entire year and now, looking back, it was only through October. Didn’t mean to just go radio silent there for several months. Starting in October, things at school really started getting crazy. There were midterms, then Thanksgiving, which was delightful, as always, but of course there was no time to get on the computer, and then there were finals and ho boy, you thought undergrand finals were bad! They’ve got nothing on law school finals, let me tell you. We all devolved into hermits that subsisted mostly off cookies and coffee for two weeks straight.

gir fit

And then it was Christmas, again with no time to get on the computer. And by the time that all was done, I basically lived off Netflix and slept for two weeks.

But now I’m back! E-Cards will resume in February and one of these days, I hope I’ll have something more to talk about than just sporadic updates rambling on about nothing and E-Cards. Not that there’s anything wrong with E-Cards. Apparently you guys really enjoy them, which is nice. n_n

So what’s changed in the past . . . 3 1/2 months? I adopted a kitten!

His name is Sterling and his favorite things are biting (I’m hoping he’ll grow out of that habit) and lying in baskets. It’s really livened up my apartment to have someone to take care of and to talk to, but he does get a little annoyed when I’m working and not paying attention to him. XD But he’s sweet and he loves cuddling and stepping on my keyboard when I’m in the middle of a comic panel and deleting thing he shouldn’t.

The new semester has started and, despite some disappointment in my grades for the Fall, I’m a lot more interested in the classes this year so far. That might be because I’m coming off break and so am refreshed and not 100% jaded on the stuff yet, but I think my professors this semester are a bit more dynamic and make class a little more engaging. I think my classmates are also loosening up a bit and we’re all a lot more relaxed with the process. I know I am. I’ve already started my trend of reading ahead so that I’m not scrambling to keep up with the readings, which is my personal psychosis trigger. I need my hour or two a night to draw or read or veg out on Netflix in the bath, you feel me?

fabulous HIM

Switching topics, have you seen the Netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events? It’s actually quite good. I had some trepidation after the movie was such a bogus adaptation and the two top billed actors are Neil Patrick Harris and Patrick Warburton. I was like “is this show secretly a comedy or something?” and I think partially the answer is yes. According to Wikipedia, the series has undertones of Gothic, dark humor, which I didn’t get as a kid, but kids aren’t as perceptive to that kind of stuff.

rumple headshake

The show really pulls off the Gothic feel, with a very wonderfully creative juxtaposition of campy, over saturated colors to offset the grimmer, dark settings to keep the viewer feeling jarred and off kilter, which added to the effect of the somber tone inter-cut with Neil Patrick Harris’s amazingly creepy and erratic performance as Count Olaf. There are some deviations from the original plot, but in my opinion, they actually add to the story instead of taking away from it like those sorts of things tend to do. Purists won’t like it, I’m sure, but I’ve never believed in strict adherence to the story as long as the additions or omissions add something to the story (I’m looking at you, Hobbit movies).

Overall, I think the series is really well done and I’m looking forward to the next two seasons (which have already been confirmed).

mission accomplished kronk

Also, new season of Voltron coming out today, which is pretty rad. I really shouldn’t be that concerned with Netflix televsion shows, I know, with all the work I have to do for law school (and I do have a lot of work, even given how far ahead in the reading I am), but I don’t have cable, so all the TV I watch is Netflix and the occasional sports stream (but not lately, cause the Avs are a lot disappointing this year *cryface*). Other than drawing and the occasional night out with friends, Netflix is really the only thing spicing up my life at the moment. I’m sure after this year and I’m a lot more settled into the law school stuff and taking on more things, like clinics and jobs, I’ll have something to talk about. Or if From Dust ever takes off. Wishful thinking . . . .

So that’s what’s up with me. Thanks for sticking with me, even though it seems like I don’t post anything all that important or exciting. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up the campy, silly tone that I have and get a few more posts up here and there! A very late happy New Year to all!

drunk minstral

Mega Life Update

I accidentally took a break from these little finger exercises for a couple months there . . . . I kind of dropped off the face of WordPress for . . . 5 months? OOPS.


So, since October . . . there has simultaneously been a ton that happened and also barely anything. I have this problem where I lead a pretty ordinary life and for now, I’m living at home, working a full time job with very few people I hang out with, so I end up not having very many adventures that I immediately rush to the internet to brag about.

rumple headshake

But let’s see if I can remember at least some of the highlights.

Okay, this is going to sound tragic, but probably one of the biggest highlights involved being able to sign up for the pet site Flight Rising:


Essentially, it’s a dragon raising and breeding site. The obvious comparison for many people is Neopets, but it’s about a billion times better than that. The premise is pretty simple: raise, breed, and trade dragons in the community. And it is way more fun than I could have even imagined. I ran across it completely by accident on tumblr eons ago and had been waiting for a registration window to open and in November, there was one and I seized it like it was made of gold bullion. And now I’m addicted. If I have a free moment at work, I’m on that site. I can’t get off. It’s ridiculous . . .

hedgehog hide

I even opened an art shop! Cause nothing beats spending hours working on something in real life for fake money!


But anyway, here are my two favorite pieces that I’ve done for that:


*ahem* But anyway . . .

I guess the biggest news is that so far, I’ve gotten into every law school I applied to!

I still have a couple that I’m waiting on, but I know for sure that I’m going to law school in the fall! I don’t think it’s quite yet actually sunk in because I keep having pangs of terror when I think about it too much . . .


Ummm . . . . what else has happened? Not much . . . . I think I kind of deflated after the pressure leading up to getting all my applications in and I’ve just been going along my mellow way. Had a good Christmas. My sister got me an awesome SmudgeGuard so my hand doesn’t stick to my tablet when I’m inking now, which is awesome. ^_^

Oh, yeah, I’m not doing a Top Ten movies of 2015 until I can actually see more than the 3 or 4 that I did go see in theaters. So hopefully, that’ll be coming at some point. Pretend it’s like the Oscars and I have to debate over which ones to choose until February.

Also also, you should totally check out the show Lucifer on Fox (airs at 8 MST). It’s hilarious and fun in a world of TV shows that feel the need to be grim and gritty all the time. And Angie Tribeca. THAT is the funniest show I’ve seen in  really, really long time! That one airs on TBS at 7 MST and I recommend that over all the shows on television right now.

blood rain cute laugh


I’ve been really absent from here lately. That’s partly cause nothing’s happening in my life right now. I haven’t even gone to any movies recently. So here’s the deal: I’m going to group August and September into one, big, crazy update. Sorry for dropping the ball on August, but everything was kind of crazy toward the end of the month.


Late July Update

Not much happened in July, which is partly why this is so late, but also everything went tits up at the beginning of August, which I’ll talk about in a couple weeks. In fact, it was boring as dicks in my office, which is never good for morale.


I did get to go to a really cool museum exhibit called Poison, which was all about various natural poisons and their uses in history and fiction across the centuries. If you live in the Denver Metro Area, go check it out. It’s really cool.

I did go shopping on Prime Day, which has now become notorious for the lack of deals and the inability to get the things you’re hoping for. I know I had a couple things that I hit the buy button at EXACTLY the time the sale opened and they were still “Sold Out” by the time I got there. And the waiting list system seems like it could use some tweaking as well. It seemed as though they took me off the waiting list a couple of times.

facepalm jareth

But I got a snazzy second monitor out of it.

Uh, what else?

Two of my company’s shows premiered in July, Tiny House, Big Living on HGTV and The Treehouse Guys on DIY. Tiny House is done for the season (kind of a flash season, that) but you can still catch the Treehouse Guys every Tuesday for at least a few weeks. And they like to rerun previous episodes before the new one. Treehouse is actually one of my favorite shows we’ve produced so far, so if you get a chance, go check it out.

TreehouseGuys_2015_GP 1850x1192 All New (1)

So that’s it for July.

Is It July Already? June Ramble

Not much to talk about this month, actually. And this time, I’m not saying that just because I forgot something important. Things have just sort of been cruising right along.

I did see Jurassic World, however, which is a fun ride and I totally recommend. I’m hoping to get an actual review out soon, but I’ve been focused on studying for the LSAT and writing my personal statement and it’s taking up a huge amount of my free time, so I haven’t had much of a chance to even think about crafting another fine, carefully worded, and definitely not biased or hyperbolic in any way review that you find people are used to enjoying.

Other than that, everything’s going pretty well out here in the no man’s land of my brain. Continue to expect not much from me until after I take the LSAT in October, but I might be able to get a movie review out here and keep the monthly rambles going and maybe let y’all know if something cool happens. You’ll for sure be hearing about the results of my test, after all the time I’ve spent banging on about it on pretty much all my sites. I’M STUDYING FOR THE LSAT. DID THAT COME ACROSS?

Oh, you might also get the privilege of reading the “Personal Statement” I wrote sarcastically when I found a personal statement tip that said “write it like a blog post” and I had to snort. After all, you all know what goes on here, don’t you?

fabulous HIM

Although if I could put GIFs in my personal statement, it would certainly liven things up for the reading committee . . .

cruella lightning

May Monthly Ramble

To be honest, I completely didn’t register that it was already June, which is why I didn’t get this up until whenever I manage to publish this. Where did May go? What did I even do in May? Stressed a lot at work, but that’s not even worth mentioning anymore. Oh, we got some new people in our department, so now we can hit the dreaded summer boss rush hard and fast.


Well, I saw the Avengers sequel. That was pretty great, but I’m definitely looking forward to other summer blockbusters more now, especially Jurassic World. For the record, I have discovered that the raptors’ names are Charlie, Echo, and Blue, just in case anyone was wondering.


Uh, I started studying for the LSAT, which I’m pretty sure I didn’t do in April, although I should have. I have until October to get all my letters, transcripts, and LSAT prep out of the way and the dreaded personal statement is hovering over my head like the Sword of Damocles, reminding me that the personal statement was a bitch for college and now that the stakes are higher, it’s even worse.

zoidberg flip out

OH! DUH! I WENT TO COMIC CON! JEEZ! I can’t believe I forgot that! But then again, it didn’t register that it was June, so there you go.

tobuscus whooo

The Denver Comic Con has been going on for only the last three years or so, but I’ve never managed to make it, despite being at home every summer it’s gone on. Sometimes I don’t have enough cash, sometimes my schedule doesn’t line up, and sometimes it just happens and I have no idea until all the tickets are sold out, most of the time, I never get around to inviting people to go with me in time before they’re off doing something else. Blah blah blah, excuses.

harry eye roll

So this year, I finally managed to go with my best friend and it was AWESOME! I can’t even talk about all the cool things we saw, because it would take up, like, 5 pages on its own! Or just one really long webpage, but you know what I mean. But some of the highlights were being able to see the Patrick Warburton panel and a panel on how to be a good GM, which is something I’ve always kind of wanted to do. The Denver Convention Center is nice and big, so it didn’t even feel that crowded until we got up to the artist valley and merchandise booths and celebrity area. I wanted an autograph from either Patrick Warburton or Manu Bennett, but they were freakish expensive and I don’t like them that much.


So that was Comic Con. My friend liked it so much he wants to go again next year, which is always a good sign! XD

Toward the end of May, I got hella sick. It was some kind of crazy cold that just knocked me on my ass for, like, four days in a row, which hasn’t happened since I got the flu in 2013 and had to miss 4 days of my internship. So that was a bummer. I was so sick, I didn’t even draw or play Minecraft or study for the LSAT in all the free time I suddenly had. I’m still kind of recovering, but it’s mostly just a dry cough and a lot of mucus. And yes, you did need to know that.

So this month, I have lots of cool movies, my parents being out of town, and my friend’s wedding to look forward to. Yay! June!