E-Card Wednesday



I Survived!

The first year of law school is done and gone, already stretching into the void that is the past and hopefully being devoured by the Langoliers as we speak.


Now there’s a dated reference for you.

All in all, though, I must say, it was never as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Was it hard? Hellz yes it was! But was it soul crushing to the point of being a neurotic wanker? I don’t think so. Unless I was already one before and there wasn’t anything to change.

cruella lightning

Probably not. Having worked for 2 years before going back to school is what really helped, I think. It makes deadlines a little less stressful and my work ethic a little stronger and yet I’m not going to kill myself to get the work done if I can’t. *shrug*

So what’s next? Well, this summer I’m going to Italy to take an international art law class!

fabulous HIM

I’m stoked! CU is great and all but it only offers one cultural property class, so I’m feeling a little bit of a pinch in “interest related” classes. So I jumped on this opportunity when I found it! While I probably won’t be doing a “travel blog,” since historically, I can keep up with that kind of thing for, like, a day and a half before forgetting to update, I will hopefully be able to do a couple of posts from Siena! I’ll try to include pictures and stuff.

hades glance

As for getting a job after that . . . . well, we’ll have to see what happens. For now, summer break is in full swing and I won’t be on the computer much. So even though I post every time hell freezes over (so it seems to me anyway), expect nothing from me other than e-cards until I’m across the pond!