Dungeons and Dragons

Story time!


I played Dungeons & Dragons and bit in college and it was fun, but I’ve never been able to get a group together to play it since I moved back to Colorado.


So, recently, I finally got a group together and decided to try my hand at being the DM instead of being a player.

And boy howdy, is it harder than I ever thought it would be. As a player, you don’t think about all the time your DM puts into planning the characters, the setting, the story, etc. Although, if I’m being honest, I’m not sure my college DMs did a heck of a lot of planning . . .


But that aside, my group is great and I would like to start sharing their adventures on my creative blog in the form of weekly(ish) posts detailing their weekly adventures. Or, mostly weekly.

It’s a fledgling group of brand new players with a brand new DM just tumbling and bumbling merrily along, but so far, it’s been pretty fun. I’m going to combine the first couple of weeks into a longer stretch, since it was all introductions and pretty short encounters. But yeah, look for those coming up on this blog on a relatively weekly basis.