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Feeling Nostalgic for DC

I’m in the middle of trying to find a job for the summer, which has proven to be a bit difficult, but that’s mostly because I’ve been trying to stay in the Denver/Boulder area, where there are’t as many opportunities (especially for 1Ls) in the area of law that I’m interested in.



So I’ve expanded my search to the DC area.

Now, I lived in DC before I decided to start this blog, so I haven’t talked about it much (although now that I think about it, my experiences in DC would have been perfect blog material cause stuff actually happened there . . . Darn) but I loved living there. Granted, I got to stay there during a very mild winter and a delightfully chilly spring and didn’t have to deal with any of the famous heat and humidity, so my view might be a little tainted in that regard, but hush.


And recently, as I was looking at summer jobs in the DC area and fretting about how to work out a temporary move if necessary (cause I’m not complete until I’ve done a lot of unnecessary stressing about hypotheticals that haven’t happened yet), I felt a pang of nostalgia for our nation’s capital.


Right about now, they’re gearing up for the Cherry Blossom Festival, assuming the cherries are cooperating this year. When I lived there, 2013, it was an especially cold winter, so, while the blossoms were nice-ish during the actual week of the Festival, it was actually about a week and a half later when they really went all out. It was great to walk around the mall and smell those things. Mmmmm.

It doesn’t help that it’s been bizarrely warm in Colorado this week, which makes me laugh every time I see the newest blizzard headlines from the northeast. Bundle up folks, I’m hanging out in my shorts and a t-shirt. Talk about your weird climate disconnect. But I digress.

I’m not sure why spring reminds me so much of DC. When the weather gets warm about this time of the year, I always have a little tickle of nostalgia in the back of my mind. Some of it is for my time in DC and some of it is for something I can’t quite put my finger on. . . Well, that paragraph got a bit melancholy.

zoidberg flip out

Anyway, DC holds a special place in my heart. It’s home to some of my favorite museums, like the Smithsonian Museums of Natural History and American History, and the Folger’s Shakespeare Library. And I love riding the metro, which is a bit weird and I have no idea why, but maybe it’s the idea that I can pretty much walk and ride everywhere I need to go. Except Georgetown. Curse you Georgetown. . .

judging you sif

I would love to return to DC someday. Heck, I wouldn’t say no to living there when I finally launch for realsies into my legal career. Considering the fact that I’d like to get into museum law, the likelihood of that seems quite high. But also, at the moment, the idea of trying to find summer lodging there is, to put it bluntly, freaking me the eff out. All the same, I’m feeling some deep nostalgia in my bones for the beautiful city. Or maybe that’s just the workout from yesterday . . .