Oops! Fell off the Internet there for a while. I thought I had E-Card Wednesdays lined up for the entire year and now, looking back, it was only through October. Didn’t mean to just go radio silent there for several months. Starting in October, things at school really started getting crazy. There were midterms, then Thanksgiving, which was delightful, as always, but of course there was no time to get on the computer, and then there were finals and ho boy, you thought undergrand finals were bad! They’ve got nothing on law school finals, let me tell you. We all devolved into hermits that subsisted mostly off cookies and coffee for two weeks straight.

gir fit

And then it was Christmas, again with no time to get on the computer. And by the time that all was done, I basically lived off Netflix and slept for two weeks.

But now I’m back! E-Cards will resume in February and one of these days, I hope I’ll have something more to talk about than just sporadic updates rambling on about nothing and E-Cards. Not that there’s anything wrong with E-Cards. Apparently you guys really enjoy them, which is nice. n_n

So what’s changed in the past . . . 3 1/2 months? I adopted a kitten!

His name is Sterling and his favorite things are biting (I’m hoping he’ll grow out of that habit) and lying in baskets. It’s really livened up my apartment to have someone to take care of and to talk to, but he does get a little annoyed when I’m working and not paying attention to him. XD But he’s sweet and he loves cuddling and stepping on my keyboard when I’m in the middle of a comic panel and deleting thing he shouldn’t.

The new semester has started and, despite some disappointment in my grades for the Fall, I’m a lot more interested in the classes this year so far. That might be because I’m coming off break and so am refreshed and not 100% jaded on the stuff yet, but I think my professors this semester are a bit more dynamic and make class a little more engaging. I think my classmates are also loosening up a bit and we’re all a lot more relaxed with the process. I know I am. I’ve already started my trend of reading ahead so that I’m not scrambling to keep up with the readings, which is my personal psychosis trigger. I need my hour or two a night to draw or read or veg out on Netflix in the bath, you feel me?

fabulous HIM

Switching topics, have you seen the Netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events? It’s actually quite good. I had some trepidation after the movie was such a bogus adaptation and the two top billed actors are Neil Patrick Harris and Patrick Warburton. I was like “is this show secretly a comedy or something?” and I think partially the answer is yes. According to Wikipedia, the series has undertones of Gothic, dark humor, which I didn’t get as a kid, but kids aren’t as perceptive to that kind of stuff.

rumple headshake

The show really pulls off the Gothic feel, with a very wonderfully creative juxtaposition of campy, over saturated colors to offset the grimmer, dark settings to keep the viewer feeling jarred and off kilter, which added to the effect of the somber tone inter-cut with Neil Patrick Harris’s amazingly creepy and erratic performance as Count Olaf. There are some deviations from the original plot, but in my opinion, they actually add to the story instead of taking away from it like those sorts of things tend to do. Purists won’t like it, I’m sure, but I’ve never believed in strict adherence to the story as long as the additions or omissions add something to the story (I’m looking at you, Hobbit movies).

Overall, I think the series is really well done and I’m looking forward to the next two seasons (which have already been confirmed).

mission accomplished kronk

Also, new season of Voltron coming out today, which is pretty rad. I really shouldn’t be that concerned with Netflix televsion shows, I know, with all the work I have to do for law school (and I do have a lot of work, even given how far ahead in the reading I am), but I don’t have cable, so all the TV I watch is Netflix and the occasional sports stream (but not lately, cause the Avs are a lot disappointing this year *cryface*). Other than drawing and the occasional night out with friends, Netflix is really the only thing spicing up my life at the moment. I’m sure after this year and I’m a lot more settled into the law school stuff and taking on more things, like clinics and jobs, I’ll have something to talk about. Or if From Dust ever takes off. Wishful thinking . . . .

So that’s what’s up with me. Thanks for sticking with me, even though it seems like I don’t post anything all that important or exciting. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up the campy, silly tone that I have and get a few more posts up here and there! A very late happy New Year to all!

drunk minstral


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