The more I’ve been forced read about the law and about some of the insane things that go into it (most of it the Latin parts), the more I can’t help but think I should have been a historian. But I hate the idea of writing a dissertation, so there goes that idea.


In all seriousness, I love history. I could wallow in early American history for days and have actually been using an amazing documentary called “Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty” to fall asleep at night when the anxiety is lurking in the dark. It’s awesome, by the way. You should totally check it out on Amazon if you have the inclination. Dan Jones is the best historian on TV I’ve ever seen and also the Plantagenets themselves are just insane. It’s like Game of Thrones, but better because it actually happened and it wasn’t written by a team of sex deprived howler monkeys.

fabulous HIM

I do wish that America would actually put the effort into making real documentaries, but for some reason, we’d rather make docudramas or overwrought mostly trueish “documentaries” on the American Heroes Channel (so you know there’s no bias in any way there). Don’t get me wrong, those things can be fun, but we either have to choose from 20 hour Ken Burns documentaries that cover about 3 different things, or those docudrama things. And that’s kind of a bummer. We need more cool historians in this country! And, awesome as he is, Giorgio Tsoukalos doesn’t count!

So come on America! Let’s make an effort to get some cool documentaries on our own history out there! We’ve got a pretty crazy history and we should be proud of that!



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