I accidentally took a break from these little finger exercises for a couple months there . . . . I kind of dropped off the face of WordPress for . . . 5 months? OOPS.


So, since October . . . there has simultaneously been a ton that happened and also barely anything. I have this problem where I lead a pretty ordinary life and for now, I’m living at home, working a full time job with very few people I hang out with, so I end up not having very many adventures that I immediately rush to the internet to brag about.

rumple headshake

But let’s see if I can remember at least some of the highlights.

Okay, this is going to sound tragic, but probably one of the biggest highlights involved being able to sign up for the pet site Flight Rising:


Essentially, it’s a dragon raising and breeding site. The obvious comparison for many people is Neopets, but it’s about a billion times better than that. The premise is pretty simple: raise, breed, and trade dragons in the community. And it is way more fun than I could have even imagined. I ran across it completely by accident on tumblr eons ago and had been waiting for a registration window to open and in November, there was one and I seized it like it was made of gold bullion. And now I’m addicted. If I have a free moment at work, I’m on that site. I can’t get off. It’s ridiculous . . .

hedgehog hide

I even opened an art shop! Cause nothing beats spending hours working on something in real life for fake money!


But anyway, here are my two favorite pieces that I’ve done for that:


*ahem* But anyway . . .

I guess the biggest news is that so far, I’ve gotten into every law school I applied to!

I still have a couple that I’m waiting on, but I know for sure that I’m going to law school in the fall! I don’t think it’s quite yet actually sunk in because I keep having pangs of terror when I think about it too much . . .


Ummm . . . . what else has happened? Not much . . . . I think I kind of deflated after the pressure leading up to getting all my applications in and I’ve just been going along my mellow way. Had a good Christmas. My sister got me an awesome SmudgeGuard so my hand doesn’t stick to my tablet when I’m inking now, which is awesome. ^_^

Oh, yeah, I’m not doing a Top Ten movies of 2015 until I can actually see more than the 3 or 4 that I did go see in theaters. So hopefully, that’ll be coming at some point. Pretend it’s like the Oscars and I have to debate over which ones to choose until February.

Also also, you should totally check out the show Lucifer on Fox (airs at 8 MST). It’s hilarious and fun in a world of TV shows that feel the need to be grim and gritty all the time. And Angie Tribeca. THAT is the funniest show I’ve seen in  really, really long time! That one airs on TBS at 7 MST and I recommend that over all the shows on television right now.

blood rain cute laugh


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