Sorry for missing out on September there, everyone. Luckily, absolutely nothing exciting happened. My parents went to Italy for my mom’s 60th birthday and had lots of fun and my sister started school back up and I just kinda went along with doing my normal do.

But! October is where things got interesting. First, my brain hit a little switch and went into HALLOWEEN AND PUMPKIN TIME mode, so I have been reading the Lockwood and Co. book series by Jonathan Stroud.

Good stuff. Scary stuff. I can’t put them down.

I’ve also been listening to lots of Nox Arcana, Creature Feature, and Midnight Syndicate.

The first Saturday in October, I finally took the LSAT!

I’m finally done with that part of the law school application journey! It feels really weird to not have that goal hovering over my head but it also feels like a huge relief. I just have to get my personal statement squared away and I can shoot off all my applications in a weekend. That will be a huge burden off my chest and I can go back to drawing in my spare time instead of studying.


The Avs’ first game is tomorrow against the dreaded Wild and I am super stoked. I have a new sweatshirt just for the occasion. :3

So now, for the rest of the month, I’ll be watching hockey, drawing, and waiting for my LSAT score. I wish I had more to say here than that, but living at home and working full time doesn’t exactly lend itself to lots of dashing adventures or anything like college did. But I love this time of year, so I’ll be out among the leaves, pumpkins, and ghoulies.


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