E-Card Wednesday




Normally, I don’t put my art up on here. That’s for my DA and tumblr accounts (shameless plug), but gosh darnit! I’m just so proud of this that I felt the need to show¬†everyone!

This is my first, real, digital painting and I am super stoked with how it turned out!


So there’s my self indulgence for the month.

Is It July Already? June Ramble

Not much to talk about this month, actually. And this time, I’m not saying that just because I forgot something important. Things have just sort of been cruising right along.

I did see Jurassic World, however, which is a fun ride and I totally recommend. I’m hoping to get an actual review out soon, but I’ve been focused on studying for the LSAT and writing my personal statement and it’s taking up a huge amount of my free time, so I haven’t had much of a chance to even think about crafting another fine, carefully worded, and definitely not biased or hyperbolic in any way review that you find people are used to enjoying.

Other than that, everything’s going pretty well out here in the no man’s land of my brain. Continue to expect not much from me until after I take the LSAT in October, but I might be able to get a movie review out here and keep the monthly rambles going and maybe let y’all know if something cool happens. You’ll for sure be hearing about the results of my test, after all the time I’ve spent banging on about it on pretty much all my sites.¬†I’M STUDYING FOR THE LSAT. DID THAT COME ACROSS?

Oh, you might also get the privilege of reading the “Personal Statement” I wrote sarcastically when I found a personal statement tip that said “write it like a blog post” and I had to snort. After all, you all know what goes on here, don’t you?

fabulous HIM

Although if I could put GIFs in my personal statement, it would certainly liven things up for the reading committee . . .

cruella lightning