To be honest, I completely didn’t register that it was already June, which is why I didn’t get this up until whenever I manage to publish this. Where did May go? What did I even do in May? Stressed a lot at work, but that’s not even worth mentioning anymore. Oh, we got some new people in our department, so now we can hit the dreaded summer boss rush hard and fast.


Well, I saw the Avengers sequel. That was pretty great, but I’m definitely looking forward to other summer blockbusters more now, especially Jurassic World. For the record, I have discovered that the raptors’ names are Charlie, Echo, and Blue, just in case anyone was wondering.


Uh, I started studying for the LSAT, which I’m pretty sure I didn’t do in April, although I should have. I have until October to get all my letters, transcripts, and LSAT prep out of the way and the dreaded personal statement is hovering over my head like the Sword of Damocles, reminding me that the personal statement was a bitch for college and now that the stakes are higher, it’s even worse.

zoidberg flip out

OH! DUH! I WENT TO COMIC CON! JEEZ! I can’t believe I forgot that! But then again, it didn’t register that it was June, so there you go.

tobuscus whooo

The Denver Comic Con has been going on for only the last three years or so, but I’ve never managed to make it, despite being at home every summer it’s gone on. Sometimes I don’t have enough cash, sometimes my schedule doesn’t line up, and sometimes it just happens and I have no idea until all the tickets are sold out, most of the time, I never get around to inviting people to go with me in time before they’re off doing something else. Blah blah blah, excuses.

harry eye roll

So this year, I finally managed to go with my best friend and it was AWESOME! I can’t even talk about all the cool things we saw, because it would take up, like, 5 pages on its own! Or just one really long webpage, but you know what I mean. But some of the highlights were being able to see the Patrick Warburton panel and a panel on how to be a good GM, which is something I’ve always kind of wanted to do. The Denver Convention Center is nice and big, so it didn’t even feel that crowded until we got up to the artist valley and merchandise booths and celebrity area. I wanted an autograph from either Patrick Warburton or Manu Bennett, but they were freakish expensive and I don’t like them that much.


So that was Comic Con. My friend liked it so much he wants to go again next year, which is always a good sign! XD

Toward the end of May, I got hella sick. It was some kind of crazy cold that just knocked me on my ass for, like, four days in a row, which hasn’t happened since I got the flu in 2013 and had to miss 4 days of my internship. So that was a bummer. I was so sick, I didn’t even draw or play Minecraft or study for the LSAT in all the free time I suddenly had. I’m still kind of recovering, but it’s mostly just a dry cough and a lot of mucus. And yes, you did need to know that.

So this month, I have lots of cool movies, my parents being out of town, and my friend’s wedding to look forward to. Yay! June!


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