I’ve decided that I don’t write on this blog enough. Half the time, I’ll go for months with just spitting out E-Cards every Wednesday and the occasional movie review (which there will probably be a lot of this summer, given everything that’s coming out this year . . .), so I’m going to start giving monthly updates at the end of the month (obviously). So you all get a little peek into my strange little world beyond E-Cards and movie reviews!

cruella lightning

So here’s a summary of March: allergies, new tablet, go see Kingsman, spring is finally here!

That about sums it up. I think . . .

i don't know gir

So I’ll see you in a week, readers, with a longer (obviously) April update.



3 thoughts on “Monthly Updates

    1. I know! It’s been a really heavy year for those! So many people I talk to have said similar things! My mom, a nurse, says that on a scale of 12 whatevers (how they rate allergens) a huge number of days this year have been, like, 11 – 11.5! Crazy, right?

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