So let me tell you a little story.

Years ago, when the word “tablet” had not yet entered the vocabulary of just about everyone, a fresh-faced youngster had just received her first graphic tablet, a device used to create art on the computer. It plugs in with a USB cable and you draw on it with a pen and that image appears on the screen. You with me so far?

<– You know it’s old because it came in different colors, like old Macs used to . . .

While this tablet was awesome, at some point in her youth, she’d seen the magical devices then known as “Tablet PCs,” which, in theory, you could draw on the screen directly. This idea appealed to her and the desire to get her hands on one festered in her mind for years and years and years.


Let’s skip forward a few years. Eventually, the first graphic tablet got replaced by a better one, like you do, and the youth continued to wish for a tablet she could actually draw on a screen.

<– The second tablet

But these Tablet PCs were expensive and she had other things she needed, like books for school and all that. But she always had her eye on those Tablet PCs, waiting . . .


Years pass, tablets start becoming a thing, making it difficult to talk about graphic tablets the way one used to. Now, simply saying “Tablet” confused people in day to day conversation unless you tacked on “graphic” in front of it. And still, Tablet PCs continued to just stubbornly sit out of reach in both price and the public eye, so the price wasn’t going down anytime soon.

princess table flip

With the advent of the Surface Pro, I finally thought I’d found the “graphic tablet” that I was looking for, where I could draw on the screen with no difficulty and could still drag it around with me so I could draw on the go.


But I don’t go about willy nilly, buying things without putting a lot of thought into it. So I hung around, waiting, watching.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 1.56.19 PM

The thing about me is that I can play the waiting game for years. If I want something that badly, it won’t leave my mind and it can wait in the back of my needs and wants until I have the means or ability or opportunity to get whatever it is. So I’ve been waiting for a tablet PC or a tablet I can draw on for a very long time.

I was disappointed to find the Surface wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Sure, the pen worked well, sure it could work like your average laptop, all that stuff was true, but it turned out to be freakishly overpriced (for my budget) and just not quite what I wanted.

godzilla fuck this thing

So once again, I took to the prowling grounds to wait for something else to come along. With 2-in-1 PCs starting to become more of a thing and few of them even having actual pen touch technology, surely there would be one for me sooner rather than later.

But the thing is, there is one dominant company among the graphic tablet and artist circuits:

If you have a graphic tablet and any integrity at all (generally), you have a Wacom. My first two tablets were Wacoms and I too worship the ground on which they tread. Because let’s face it, if you’re going to be in the business for the longest, you’d damn well be the best. That’s why World of Warcraft and Adobe Photoshop are still around after 10 and 24 years respectively. So I’ve kept my eye on Wacom, partly because though I do tend to run my technology into the ground before I upgrade (see: my PlayStation and my phone), sometimes I upgrade a little sooner and I’ve been eyeing the Intuos tablet for a little while, my little Bamboo being just a hair underpowered.

So I was browsing their site one day and came across the Cintiqs, a brand of Wacom that was everything I wanted.

aang big eyes

And that’s when I knew I had found my true graphic tablet love. I watched videos, I swanned about on reviews and first impressions, and I came to pine for a piece of technology I had never actually experienced in person.

So it was time for the waiting game once again! I saved and saved, always checking Amazon for a good deal and I finally found one!


Springing into action, I did what any level headed girl would do! Buy it immediately!

bison of course

And when it arrived, I couldn’t’ be happier!

20150311_153453<– For reference, that’s my table, which is about three feet wide


20150311_162620<– And that’s my Cintiq on my lap. I was not prepared for how huge it was!

So that’s my story. A happy ending to this graphic tablet fairy tale journey of 12 years, 3 computers, 2 tablets, 4 art softwares, countless hours of learning how to use a graphic tablet without it looking like someone’s 3 year old doodles shakily over a canvas, 3 art style changes, and a final grudging acceptance of Adobe’s Photoshop subscription fee. This should hold for as long as it takes for the next big waiting game to come around.

zac efron wink


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