Year of the Sheep! Or Ram. Or Goat. Happy Lunar New Year everyone! I too am a year of the Sheep!

And I have completely forgotten what that means!

Hang on. I’ll look it up.

. . .

. . .

I was born the year of the Metal Sheep apparently, which is actually kind of a creepily correct assessment of my character. Cool.

But let’s not forget that sheep are also assholes.

So cheers to us, the artistic, the gentle, the clever, the kind-hearted assholes in the world born in the year of the Sheep!

And yes, I partly did this post to see how many sheep gifs I could get my hands on.


3 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year!

    1. Ha ha! I just asked Dr. Wiki 😉 If you type in “Year of the Sheep,” or in your case “Monkey,” then the Wiki article has all this info kind of near the bottom about what celestial element you were born under as well as zodiac animal and then you can follow the link to see what that means. It’s pretty cool, actually. And thanks! I try. XD

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