So, yes, I’ve been away for a fairly long stretch, leaving you to the mercies of E-Card Wednesday for the most part.

Part of it is because I spent most of the summer doing stuff that didn’t involve the computer and the other part of it is because I haven’t had much happen for the last couple of months.

hedgehog hide

But now, I have news! I have a job!

mission accomplished kronk

And I have survived the first week of said job!

tobuscus whooo


Now, this might not seem like that much of an accomplishment, but it my first job in the real world (having graduated in May) and I work the evening shift, which, if you know anything about me, is kind of weird. My normal bedtime in the past has been 10 on weeknights and 11 on weekends, generally. There are always exceptions to this rule, of course, but that’s the way it’s been. Now, I get home at 1 and immediately crash.

drunk minstral

I don’t think I’m allowed to say much about what I actually do, since I now work for an entertainment company, but I can say that it actually isn’t a bad job at all. It can be really boring.


But it’s definitely one of the nicest jobs I could have gotten my little paws on. Yeah, I have to stay up way later than I’m used to, but I’m sure I’ll get over that eventually, and I get to sleep in as late as I want!

Currently, I’m working on a show about Alaska cause those aren’t all over the place yet and all I have to say is that some of the people on the show should not be allowed to hold a fishing rod, especially not a fly fishing rod, ever. Ever ever ever ever ever . . . Oh well.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that’s about all I can say about it. Maybe when the show finally airs, I’ll talk about what I’ve been doing and use my amazing internet fame (ha ha -_-) to shamelessly plug the thing!

subtle thumbs up


In the meantime, I’ve also been working hard on figuring out my art life. I don’t know if I’ve ever actually mentioned this before, but I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and am fighting the uphill battle of continuing to teach myself everything involved with it. The worst bit is trying to figure out how to use all the drawing programs that I’ve managed to get my hands on, which is a lot harder than you might think if you don’t use Photoshop or this magical program called Paint Shot SAI, which I have no idea how to acquire.

genie glare


But anyway, I’ve been gathering a lot of drawing books lately, and I’ve been working very hard this summer to continue tweaking my style and finding what works for me and working my way through my sketchbook.

And finally, I got a new tooyyyyyeee!!!! (she sings)


Here it is!


Ok, shitty picture, but you get the drift.

Now, you know me, I love video games. I really do. I’m not really a gamer in that sense, but I do love playing video games, and sometimes playing on the PC just doesn’t cut it, especially since my poor faithful ASUS is starting to give up the ghost 😦 I did some babysitting this summer and suddenly had a bit of money on my hands, and I realized that my faithful PS2 was also finally starting to be a bit touchy and it’s starting to get to the point where getting my hands on new games is virtually impossible and all the games I find myself wanting to play are now on the PS3 (or the early PS4 games which are also available on the PS3 for now ha ha ha). So here I am, a shiny new console with some shiny new games.

statue hug

And the game I’ve been playing the most so far (out of the three I own for now :P) is Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. I’ve tried playing the AssCreed games before on my PC, but Ubisoft doesn’t believe in PC optimization and they run about as fast as molassas on a winter day, even the old games. So I stopped playing after only a mission or two because I can’t stand the cut scenes being all weird and half the time the free running ends up being next to impossible with the huge lag time.

godzilla fuck this thing


But now I can play them and my sister has been talking up a storm about SassCreed 4, which she can run on her newer computer, so that’s one of the first games I bought. And it’s fun! There is just something so viscerally entertaining about sandbox games (not that I don’t love the other kinds of games) and AssCree 4 offers a ton of fun features that include sailing, sneaking around a robbing warehouses, boarding ships, and more open-ended Assassin contracts.

Once I get bored or manage to finish this game, it’s on to INfamous, another sandbox game, and I have three more games on the way because now that the PissPoor is out (PS4), PS3 games, especially the older or less acclaimed games, are disgustingly cheap. Next, I’m going to save up and buy a ton of LEGO games to entice my friends from school to come and visit me.

blood rain cute laugh


One thought on “Here’s What I’ve Been Up To:

  1. Congrats on the new gig; looking forward to hearing more about that Alaska show (wink, wink). JD would give his left um, ARM! His left arm to move there. I’m way too cold blooded though; the farthest north he could get me was the Seattle area. And I flippin’ freeze my A$$ off here! Have fun with the new games!

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