Well, we haven’t actually finished the game, but I figured that the events I’m about to describe warrant a post all to themselves. XD

Unlike the other Lord of the Rings game, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings, is actually good. So far. It was made in 2002 (let that sink in for a minute) and that was still when video games actually tried to challenge the gamer.

creepy smile

So, this game is decently hard. Ok, so we’ve only made it through, like, two episodes, but that’s because it’s hard! It based off the book and not the movie, so it’s kind of refreshing to not have the now “canon” appearances of the characters, even if they do suffer from early graphics and look about as expressive as fish.

laughing jeremy brett

It’s actually hilarious to watch. Also, the dialogue is another addition to the hilarity bucket. Most of it is taken directly from the book, and the rest is just weird filler to continue the game the way it wants you to. I think we spend more time laughing at the characters than playing the game.

And how do you play the game?

Well, so far. You hit shit with a stick and pretend that you’re accomplishing something. And every now and then, your “purity” increases . . . . .

. . . . . .

bitchface loki

What does that even mean? We might find out later, but we don’t know yet! Oh well, apparently we’ve increased it all over the place.

So, the funniest thing that happened was during the first episode (I’m not going to call them levels, cause they’re not really that either. . . .) We had to get away from the Black Riders in Hobbiton, and it is actually tense and terrifying. I wasn’t even playing, my friend and partner in video game crime Meggie was, but we were both glued to our seats, screeching at the TV every time we even so much as saw the Riders.

The best moment came when we trapped ourselves in a log with the Rider LITERALLY two feet away!! We were sitting there screaming and trying to get out when our ‘mate Jess came in, so obviously she was thoroughly confused while we tried throwing rocks to get the Rider away. Frodo (and Meggie) have horrible rock throwing aim, so a couple of times, we got the Rider just far enough that we could escape if the last rock and then she hit the log we were hiding in and HE CAME BACK!!! *SCRREEECHH!!*

panic scream

It was sooooo stressful!!! Hahahaha! I laugh now, but inside I’m crying

Anyway, so now we’re in the Old Forest (yes, in this version Tom Bombadil actually shows up! Mark that for the history books!) and fighting the Barrow-wights and it’s hard and we suck! XD I’m sure that if we ever finish it, I’ll be back, but so far, so good, and hilarious. Again, though we’re not very far, I actually recommend this game. It’s a good thing for a bad day! 🙂


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