(I managed to get this review done, but from this one on, the hiatus is in effect)

While many of my favorite books are of the children’s variety, I figured I would break up the montage of ancient books that you should have read long ago to talk about something a little more adult and a lot more recent in publication.





Since this is a series, there isn’t really a “description” that I can put here. So I’ll give an overview!

M.J. Holliday is a psychic medium, who communicates with ghosts and sometimes ghost busts for extra cash! She and her partner Gilley live in Boston and spend their days ghost busting, bitching at each other, and in general enjoying life.

Everything changes when Dr. Steven Sable, their newest client, brings them to his family lodge. And that’s where our series really begins. There’s foul play at work, and a ghost might be behind it all!

From there, Gilley and M.J. travel around, meeting nonbelievers, more and more malevolent ghosts and demons, and a hunky Native American named Heath (who’s super dreamy). Together, the three of them even go to Europe, starting a TV show called Ghoul Getters and facing the worst of the spooks. Finally, they’re back in Boston, but in her next book, they’re visiting M.J.’s semi-estranged father, who doesn’t approve of her ghost abilities, but who seems to have a ghost on his hands!

creepy eyebrow laugh

This series has been going on for several years, now with 8 books and still going. It’s really a load of fun, and actually pretty scary at time!


Lol. Sorry. Couldn’t resist using that gif. But they are the kind of books that will keep you up at night, because you want to see how it all ends. M.J. is an awesome character, and like I said, Heath is super hunky, but he’s also really sweet and supports M.J. through her troubles, which can be many sometimes. Gilley is a hoot and many of the other side characters have great personalities and are really fleshed out, which doesn’t happen in some series.

I totally recommend checking these books out. They’re a fun, quick read that’re really entertaining 🙂


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