Alright, so, Luther College has had lame concerts all four years that I’ve been here, but all my waiting has finally paid off. PENTATONIX CAME TO LUTHER COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!

dancing colbert

fuck yeah

foaming mouth guy


uncontrollably excited tom hiddleston

I cannot contain my joy!!! I screamed so hard I gave myself a headache! And the best part was that I got to go with my ‘mates and we all sat together and screamed together, and we just haven’t managed to get out much this year, so it was really great. I’m also really loopy because I’m not really used to the concert scene, so my ears are ringing, my head feels filled with cotton, and everything feels kind of numb. Is this normal???!!! I HOPE SO!!

See, I haven’t had much experience with concerts. My first one was Hillary Duff back in the day, and I don’t remember much of it. Plus, it was a very different energy. Then the second one was Celtic Thunder, which is very not the same thing. I’ve managed to literally miss other concerts by, like, a week!!!

bitch are you serious loki

Anyway, the concert was a BLAST!! Luther’s a big music place, and I have discovered one of the few things that will get the Lutheran majority out of their seats and at least clapping (not much dancing, but whatever. Sucks for them :P) And if this is how concerts always are, hopefully with more dancing, then I’m all over getting my hands on another opportunity to go to one!


Wheeeeee!!!! I’m, like, super wired, but my hands are kind of numb, which I might have said earlier? I’m also really tired. Ha ha! Thank god I don’t actually have to use my brain much tomorrow!

i regret nothing

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