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Cleverly Disguised Book Club: The Westing Game

Sixteen heirs who are mysteriously chosen to live in the Sunset Towers apartment building, come together to hear the will of the self-made millionaire, Samuel W. Westing. The will takes the form of a puzzle, dividing the sixteen heirs into eight pairs, giving each pair a different set of clues which consist of almost all of the lyrics from “America The Beautiful”, and challenging them to solve the mystery of who murdered Sam Westing. As an incentive, each heir is given $10,000 to play the game. Whoever solves the mystery will inherit Sam Westing’s $200 million fortune, and his company, Westing Paper Products.

Up first, The Westing Fame by Ellen Raskin.

Did I say early February? I meant early-ish February. God, I’m bad at this.

This is a book that I feel has fallen out of memory for a lot of people, which is a shame. For some reason, I read it when I was relatively young. I probably came across it in my basement, or my dad gave it to me to “make me think” or something. Years later, I finally got around to rereading it again, and wow! It’s even better than I remember! There are so many complications and twists! It won a Newbery Medal, after all! And well deserved!

aang big eyes

I’ll admit that I started this off on a nostalgia factor. I remembered the Westing Game as being an amazingly entertaining book, and it did not disappoint, even so many years later.

I’m not sure if I should treat these book club posts as I treat my movie reviews and go through the whole plot. I feel like that would be kind of pointless, because a book is not like a movie, and me telling you the plot would just be a reason for you not to read the book. But I would never do it justice, just trying to sum it up. Plus, the book is so complicated, I’m not sure I could.



So read the Westing Game! Next month, there will be another book on the list! I will be creating a new page on this blog to keep a list and Amazon.com summary of each book. Hopefully, next month, the book will be easier to make into a funny, GIF riddled post! 😛 Derp.