Allrriiiiigghhtt . . . so, I found this recipe:

Italian Roasted Chickpeas

And it sounded really good! I just happen to have several cans of garbanzo beans lying around because reasons and so I decided to try it . . .


Apparently, my bean roasting skills leave a lot to be desired. And now my kitchen smells like burnt spices and beans. . .

ice cream

Those beans that are NOT burned, however, are delicious! So, the recipe works! It just doesn’t work for as long as it says to put them in for. Or maybe they weren’t dry enough, which it warns you about, because they explode. I don’t think they exploded, but what do I know? We’ve already established that my roasting skills are lacking. But I think I’m going to make it again, this time with less burning!

emotional twirling

On the bright side! I made tasty bread that is actually tasty and came out well! Whoo!

fuck yeah


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