So, in the idea of keeping things interesting on here, I think I’m going to start a book club. Not a pretentious one where my friends and I sit around drinking wine pretending that we care about the depressing hollow husk of a book we just read when instead we’re really just here to socialize. No, a book club where it’s mostly just me recommending a book to y’all and talking about it with funny gifs.

happy thumbs up


I had planned on getting this started in January, but we all see how well that happened but I think at this point, I’ll push my first book to sometime in early February, because I’m a lazy sod not very good at keeping deadlines unless they are mandated by my school and life. Which, let’s be honest, this blog really doesn’t except for E-Card Wednesdays, and those can be planned in advance. I mean, technically, so could my book things, but the E-Cards take all of, like, 3 seconds to put together, while actually typing out something and trying to be funny about it much harder, which is why I’m going to be doing to book club thing about once a month. Probably, at first, not on the same day, because I have to scrounge up some books make sure each book is quality.

So look for the first installment of the Cleverly Disguised Book Club.

Coming soon . . . 

creepy eyebrow laugh


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