So maybe the semester isn’t quite done yet, but I have crossed the finish line. I have completed my Senior Paper!!


crazy rafiki

dancing colbert

Alright, for those of you who don’t know, my college has this requirement for graduation. We have to do what is called a Senior Paper or Senior Project, or SnrP by yours truly. This is similar to what I imagine a Senior Thesis is, but it can be less intense than that. These SnrPs can be either “just” a paper or a year long project in which the student collects and presents her own research.

Mine was a semester long paper, a literature review in which I read a shit ton of scientific papers and synthesized them into one paper in which I defended my ideas. While it might sound easier than conducting my own research, it’s really not. Scientific papers are hard to read.

abed ttack

Pretty much like that. Plus I had to do this while being swamped by everything ELSE this semester.

BUT I’M DONE!! HAHAHA!!! I BEAT IT!! It’s turned in now and I don’t have to worry about it next semester. Whoo hoo!!! Also, I got a cupcake for finishing it.

cupcakes gir


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