Let us celebrate me not dying through work overload with something silly!


With a name like that, can you really go wrong?

My roommates and I recently engaged in a heated Bananagram game, in which we all came up with several hundred words that do not exist, and a few good ones that do. It’s amazing how many words you learn you don’t know when playing a game like this (for those of you who don’t know, Bananagrams is a portable version of Scrabble)

My first great accomplishment of the night was to spell the word PENIS. You can guess where it went from there.

all kinds of things wrong dib


At this point, I sadly can’t remember most of the words my roommates came up with. Meggie managed to land both Zs both games! She managed to spell puzzle and booze with them, which was awesome. Most of my words the first game were pretty standard three or four letter words that are really stupid, but the only words you can come up with when confronted with a bunch of angry little letter squares.

The second game, however, was when it got good. Jess left, cause it was kind of late, and so we each had more tiles to work with, which might have contributed to the awesomeness that was the second game.

My first great accomplishment that round was THEOLOGY. I was going for ANALOGY but I didn’t have any Ns. Tragic.

emotional twirling


Be that as it may, the best word of the night (if I do say so myself, the word being mine), was NOSFERATU. Yeah, bitch. I managed to spell NOSFERATU in a Bananagrams game! Winning!

dancing colbert


Anyway, the rest of the game commenced with the usual silliness. I kept trying to convince Meggie than Moosen is a word. She wasn’t buying it. She’s really the Banagrams champ, though. I just sort of derp around and hope that I can get lucky, but she manages to get both Zs and Qs and a J and bossed it. The two pictures below are our final Bananagrams squigglies (what do you even call those? “Boards?”)


This one is mine. Meggie helped me with the last word, CAIRN. I had a C left at the end and we were like “No! This is going somewhere!” because it was the only tile left in the entire game.




This one is Meggie’s (that’s her shrit in the corner, cause I’m a creep XD). Obviously, she is the much better Bananagrams player. She even got WRAITHS in there. How do you do that?! Or QUALM. Amazing.

So, if you’ve never played, I recommend it. It’s loads of fun, and 4 can play at a time. Or more. I’m not actually sure.


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