You know, the original point of this blog was to reveal the many shenanigans that go on with my roommates and I. So far, I think I’ve managed to just talk a little about my school, my family, my gaming habits, and some random ass things that popped into my head. Good job, Kat.

So I’m going to tell you about an ongoing saga that somehow still isn’t finished!

Meet Finny the Fish:

By the cartoonish animated and bright, vibrant colors, you can probably guess that this isn’t a game on the same level as most someone my age would play. You’d be right, but here I am. Well, actually here my friend Meggie is. She’s the primary player, and is on the brink of finally finishing the game, which I have never done, despite owning the game for several years prior to her involvement.

Here’s the story:

Years ago, I received a Playstation 2 for Christmas. This was after my disastrous affair with the XBox which left me completely broke with only about two games out of the six I’d bought that I actually liked playing, which I learned too late could be just as easily bought for the PS2. So that was my big wish for that year, and my parents love me, so lo and behold, a shiny new PS2 was waiting for me on Christmas Day! I fell in love instantly and haven’t replaced it yet.

best day ever

Finny the Fish didn’t come around until a few years later. My sister was usually the losing team in any of the few multiplayer games I owned, and my parents were feeling sorry for her. Knowing that she had a particular affinity toward fish, they found her this game: Finny the Fish, thinking that she would be able to connect with me on another, video-gamey level.

creepy grin

Needless to say, it didn’t work. Not that my sister and I didn’t bond over video games, it just took longer and a different route than Finny the Fish. Partly, I must admit, it was my fault. I made fun of her every time something bad happened to Finny, which was a lot.

See, the point of the game is to swim around and help out a bunch of various water creatures over 7 different “waters”, all of which look vaguely Japanese, even though I think they were going for several different continents. Throughout the game, you have to eat other, smaller fish and things to keep from starving, all the while avoiding getting caught in lures and by other, bigger fish (which I discovered later that you can eat if you catch them correctly). My sister’s problem was that she continually got eaten or caught by lures, continually setting her back. Her response was simple.

And she stopped playing altogether. Finny the Fish sat for a couple of years without being played, forgotten in the wake of Okami, Kingdom Hearts, and Destroy All Humans (which my sister likes playing more than I do). Finally, I picked it up and went “Lol, I remember this. Let’s play it for kicks!” And I did. And I was hooked (haha fishing pun!). So I played it on and off for several years, but never actually finished the game. I think I maybe finished four levels before having to start the game over the next time I picked it up because I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to be doing and the game didn’t tell me.

Fast forward to Sophomore year (I think) and enter my friend Meggie. I had brought my PS2 with me to school that year, and had, for some odd reason, decided to bring Finny the Fish with me, thinking it would be a fun game to just play without having to think too hard about if I needed a break. At some point, I told Meggie about this game. She took it well.

drank the sea water

I kept insisting that it was one of the funnest games I’d ever played, and finally she gave in, letting me show her how to do it. She began playing and got sucked in faster than even I did. For the last two years, she’s been playing through it, but still hasn’t beaten it. It seems to be quite a feat to do, as a matter of fact. We thought she’d beaten it early this year and it was like

happy jeff winger community

but THEN they psyched us out! The fiends! There was another level after that! And it was like

ice cream

and she still hasn’t managed to beat that level yet. It’s actually rather difficult. The last time we played, there were about four or five of us sitting around the TV, trying to help her figure out how to get through the level. So, with a stupid “children’s” game, I’ve managed to suck in a good chunk of my friends, who now all want to see how Finny the Fish ends!

i regret nothing


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