I don’t’ really consider myself a “gamer” in the sense that I must buy every new console when it comes out for obscene amounts of money, nor do I need to purchase the newest games (usually). I don’t play Halo or Call of Duty or Modern Warfare or really any other first person shooter, nor have I played many of the Zelda or Mario games, which I’ve heard I must if I’m to consider myself any type of normal human. For the most part, my response if very belated, and generally I’m like


Most “mainstream” games cause this reaction from me about two months after the release. I’m working on being better at at least knowing which games are out there, like I knew what Mass Effect 2 and Portal 2 were and why everyone was so excited (even playing some of Portal until it made me sick), plus I actually sort of know about Dead Space, Half Life, and Fall Out, though I haven’t played any in the series. But for the most part, I’m definitely the former.

And then there’s the general idea of “gamers” I get from being on the internet too long. I also have a friend who plays more online games than I do, and he has confiremed many of my suspicions and the stories I have heard through rage comics and failbook.com (which I recommend checking out if you haven’t already). My vague idea of a “hardcore gamer,” therefore, is not one of favor. I basically look around and think

no sign of intelligent life

I do, however, consider myself a gamer in the sense that I enjoy gaming with the consoles and games that I have experienced. Though limited, I have at least played some Mario and many Pokemon games, plus some of the more “modern” games such as Kingdom Hearts and Skyrim. And I must say that I enjoy playing games, despite my limited experience with “mainstream” games. But all in all, video games are a chance to unwind, dive into a fantasy world, and pretend to be more invincible than I really am.

Aaaaand, that brings me to the reason for this post. After waxing poetic or seriously about video games, I’m going to turn to the silly, because that’s how I really roll.

kuzco dance

I recently began playing Oblivion, the precursor to Skyrim. I’m not going to explain what those games are. If you don’t know, go ask Dr. Wiki. I played Skyrim first, which I will admit has skewed my tastes. I say this because the first thing that I noticed when playing Oblivion was that your health doesn’t heal over time, as it does in Skyrim. At the time, screeching like an angry pterodactyl while I suddenly used up all my health potions and run away to cast healing spells for the first time in my long Elder Scrolls play experience, I managed to spit out some angry words to my sister that ended in a conversation that went something like this:

Me: “Sccrreeeeeeerrrrccchhhh!!!! WHY DOESN’T MY HEALTH REGENERATE LIKE IN SKYRIM??!!!”

My sister: “Probably because they were trying to make the game more ‘realistic’.”


She sort of glared at me while laughing at me at the same time while I screeched more as I hacked and spazzed my way through the various problems I encountered until I gave up.  The whole thing ended up feeling like

threw off my groove

I will tangent here to say that my technique in Skryim mostly involves running up the things and whacking them hardcore with a two handed warhammer, which is the most heavy hitting weapon in Skyrim and being nearly unbeatable due to my hardcore, heavy weight armor. Basically, I look like this (no lie)

and just run around bashing the shit out of every living thing I encounter that opposes me. I can kill a dragon, a giant, and a mammoth, the three hardest things to kill, in about three strokes of my hammer. So I can actually say, in Skryim,

i am better at everything

In short, I’m not saying that Oblivion isn’t a good game. Most of the time, I enjoy playing it, but I definitely don’t appreciate the more “realistic” weapons and health system. Skyrim will always hold my heart, until the next one comes out and I can scrape together enough funds to buy it. Maybe.


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